a lot of gray and blue lines with yellow lights in between hoovering in a undefined room

We craft 3D

We offer

a variety of services to help productions, clients and agencies to deliver their visual messages. The whole range from photorealistic product renderings over character animation up to virtual production environments is our passion. Using CGI (computer-generated imagery) means there is no limit on implementing our clients ideas and turning them into reality.




a black audi concept car in a concrete textured room with some light coming from above

For automotive renderings our goal is absolutely high class. Photorealistic visualizations and integrations are mandatory to pretend reality. With meticulous attention to detail, we capture every aspect to bring your vehicles in captivating environments for an immersive and realistic experience.


a close up of a black nexaro vacuum cleaner robot with a text overlay saying EXTRA LARGE DUST CONTAINER

Using CGI for product visualizations offers precise control over features and functionalities, allowing for accurate representations. It provides creative flexibility to explore various designs without physical prototypes. CGI streamlines the production process and enables efficient revisions as well as cost-effective iterations.


a composition out of several fruits. showing a passion fruit, a kiwi, a banana, lemon fruits and blueberries

Providing meticulous control over every detail, resulting in visually appetizing and photorealistic pictures. CGI offers flexibility in showcasing diverse and complex food preparations without limitations. It provides cost and time efficiency by eliminating the need for expensive setups and food styling.


close up it a cylindric bottle bordered by two falling liquids, one golden and one transparend in front of a black background

Photorealistic product stagings, animated or still. From layout scratch over captivating simulation up to perfect lighting. Experience the power of attention to detail as we showcase your products in the most compelling and visually appealing way possible.

Visual Effects

We see a big Eurocopter landing in front of some houses directed by another person

VFX allows the creation and enhancement of stunning pictures that were once limited to imagination. From adding realistic and immersive environments to creating awe-inspiring special effects, it pushes the boundaries of storytelling, and bringing visions to life.


four different colored fritt-shaped characetes sitting at a table and looking at some fruits they want to eat

We develop and bring characters to life by using expressive motion, capturing their unique personalities and facilitating their development. Through meticulous crafting of fluid movements and nuanced gestures, we create engaging animations that tell captivating stories and evoke emotions.


yellow bubbles falling into a white Nivea Q10 anti wrinkle packshot which is been hold in a hand. woman blurred in the background

Utilizing CGI for beauty demos and skincare applications provides unparalleled visual precision, enabling the portrayal of flawless skin and intricate product details with complete control. It offers limitless creative possibilities for dynamic transformations and engaging visual storytelling to effectively communicate the benefits of skincare products.